The Wave 

Student Ministry


6:00pm to 8:00pm

We meet at the Life Center of Oasis Church, hope to see you there!

Growing together.

“The Wave Student Ministry exists to reach every middle and high school student in Amherst County and the Greater Lynchburg area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach students God’s Word fully and thoroughly that they may increase in the knowledge of Christ, and equip them to take the Gospel and minister to all those they encounter with the love of Christ.” 
Our vision for outreach and evangelism is to shine the light of Christ from every highway to back hollow in Amherst County.
We want to reach out and shatter those false perceptions of what it means to be a Christian, and show them that Christ is more than a good moral teacher, a swear word, or a behavior cop.
We desire to reach students where they are - in their schools and neighborhoods. 
We desire to teach and develop our students to have a full, in-depth understanding of God’s Word. We won’t pull punches or sugarcoat Scripture.

We plan to preach and teach with a completely Gospel-centered approach, expositionally and deeply.
We desire for our students to be a mile deep and an inch wide in the Word of God that they may grow in the knowledge of Jesus and of the Gospel! 
We aim to equip students to use their life as God has called them to use it as a ministry for the Gospel. We believe each person that God graciously saves is called to live a life on mission.

We believe that each believer should be equipped by other believers through the local church to live out the Gospel in their contexts of home, work, and play.
We want to teach students how to engage lost people, love them, connect with them, evangelize them, walk with them in their new journey, and teach them basic Christian doctrines.

Our desire is to equip our students to be the harvesters that God sends out to the fields he has placed them in, because students reach students. 

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