Covering You with Christ's Love

The Oasis supports ministry has a new name: Oasis CARES
Oasis C-A-R-E-S – Counseling, Accountability, Recovery, Encouragement, Support, is now an umbrella ministry that will encompass our other care ministries – such as our developing House of Refuge for women with unexpected pregnancies; potential future support systems like Grief Share or Divorce Care for people going through seasons of difficulty, and our Oasis Freedom Ministries.

Freedom Ministry

Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm in the Oasis Life Center. 

If you struggle with any of the following issues, freedom might be a place of healing and encouragement for you.

  • Anxiety/Stress 
  • Anger/Rage 
  • Depression
  • Work-a-holism
  • Perfectionism/Performance
  • People-pleasing 
  • Relationship issues
  • Cutting or other self-harm
  • Insecurity
  • Control issues
  • Burn-out
  • Self-hatred
  • Chemical addiction (SUD)  
  • Food addiction
  • Sexual addiction/Pornography 
  • Church hurt

Here is what people have said about freedom ministry


“I have participated in various recovery groups for over a decade. I had come to a plateau in my recovery journey. Freedom Ministries has pushed the boundaries of what recovery can mean in my life personally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially.”


“Freedom Ministries came at the right time in my life. I knew a change had to take place for me to grow as a person. It gave me a safe, loving place for me to be honest, real, and open about the pain and hurt from my divorce. It has taught me healthy coping methods, compassion for others, and most importantly that God loves me even at my worst, and that makes me want to be my best.”


“Freedom Ministries has helped me overcome some unhealthy things I had going on in my life. I suffered from low self-esteem, had unhealthy habits, and loved-ones were doing things that made me an emotional wreck.   Since attending, I have learned to set boundaries and have a confidential support group.  If you want to become healthy in your life, this will help you.”

New Direction

“Freedom Ministries has really helped me to change the way I think about some of the issues I struggle with. It has definitely helped me as a pastor to better understand the many issues others are dealing with as well. It has produced life-changing results in the group.”