Meet the Team

Staff & Directors

Brady Rose

Lead Pastor

Years At Oasis:  8 years
Years In Ministry:  21 years
Grew Up In:  Charlotte, Greensboro and near Asheville, NC - Go Tarhills!
Favorite Food:  Any and all of what my Wife cooks!
Favorite Oasis Memory:  The unmistakable clarity of God's call and the sustained affection for the people of Oasis and Amherst County, I feel like we are living my favorite memory - right now!
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:  I get a front row seat to see Christ creating a Gospel culture here and it is such a joy to serve alongside brothers and sisters who minister the Gospel of Grace to me, my wife and my children.  That is priceless!
On my day off you can find me:  Spending time with my family!!!  Also, riding my bike, running, cutting down trees, repairing or building something, taking part in an adventure that accomplishes something, gets me dirty, and could kill me!
A book or books I would recommend:  A Praying Life by Paul Miller, Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent Hughes, Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Bubba Rose

Shepherding Pastor

Years At Oasis:  Planting Pastor - 13 years
Years In Ministry:  42 Years
Grew Up In:  Lincolnton/Charlotte N.C.
Favorite Food:  Hotdogs!
Favorite Oasis Memory:  Meeting new people at our outreaches in the community
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:   Seeing Christ draw new people to Himself and into our Oasis Family...seeing lives changed by Him and finding their purpose and joy in serving HIM!
On my day off you can find me:  Landscaping and gardening with Nedra at our home, our most favorite place on earth!
A book or books I would recommend:  Quiet Talks on Prayer by S.D. Gordon
The Dangerous Duty of Delight by John Piper, Walking with God, Day by Day by Martyn Lloyd Jones

Laurie Melton

Administrative Secretary

Years At Oasis:  10 years
Years In Ministry:  6 years
Grew Up In: Syracuse, New York and Hilton Head, S.C.
Favorite Food:  Chinese/Japanese, Fried Chicken
Favorite Oasis Memory:  I loved attending and helping at an outreach which consisted of a weekly Bible study at the Rutledge Apartments with the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the unsaved and saved!
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:  I love being a part of expanding the Kingdom of God in whatever way I can.
On my day off you can find me:  Running errands and spending quality time with my Kids and Grandkids!  I love them!
A book or books I would recommend:  The Bible

Nedra Rose

Communications Coordinator

Years at Oasis:  13
Years In Ministry:  40
Grew Up In: North Carolina Mountains - Nebo, NC
Favorite Food:  Fried Chicken
Favorite Oasis Memory:  Tent Meeting, Baptisms
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:  Knowing God's call to serve, seeing Children come and reaching out to females of all ages
On my day off you can find me:   Loving our home, cooking or reading at Barnes n Noble!
A book or books I would recommend: "One With a Shepherd"  (The Tears and Triumphs of a Ministry Marriage by Mary Somerville, Shadow of the Almighty by Elizabeth Elliot, It's My Turn by Ruth Graham, Becoming a Titus 2 Woman by Martha Peace, What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christianson

Monica Brennan

Oasis Kids Director / Women's Ministry Director

Years at Oasis:  13 Years
Years In Ministry:  Since I was born again!  I grew up in ministry and have actively been serving the Lord since childhood.
Grew Up In: The Mountains of North Carolina!
Favorite Food:  French Fries and Diet Coke!
Favorite Oasis Memory:   The baptism of my daughter, Elizabeth Rose
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:   The privilege of loving people and teaching TRUTH!
On my day off you can find me:  Reading and writing or shopping at Target!
A book or books I would recommend:  On Being a Servant of God by Warren Wiersbe, Let Me Be A Woman by Elizabeth Elliott, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Paul Brand

Jackson Horning

Resident of Operations

Started at Oasis: 2022
Years In Ministry: I grew up in the church- so my whole life!
Grew Up In: LA county, California
Favorite Food: Anything Italian
Favorite Oasis Memory:  My first Sunday when I came to the church and knew right away that this was where God wanted me to be!
What I Love About Serving at Oasis: The people! I love getting to see the way that God works through each person that serves at Oasis Church and how every person uses the gifts that God has given them.
On my day off you can find me: Fishing, Cooking, Studying
A book or books I would recommend: Disciplines of a Godly Man. 

Daniel Walker

Youth Director

Started at Oasis: 2015
Years In Ministry: 2016
Grew Up In: Nelson County, Virginia
Favorite Food: Anything grilled or smoked
Favorite Oasis Memory:  Meeting my wife.
What I Love About Serving at Oasis: I love Oasis because it is a family that is centered around loving God and each other.
On my day off you can find me: Playing music, working on cars, or gaming
A book or books I would recommend: The Search for Significance by Robert McGee 

Billy Enos

Youth Director

Started at Oasis: 2019
Years In Ministry: 2019
Grew Up In: Massachusetts
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Oasis Memory:  The Church Cookouts.
What I Love About Serving at Oasis: I love serving here because the Gospel comes first in everything that we do.
On my day off you can find me: Making Music
A book or books I would recommend: Forgotten God by Francis Chan. 

Brandon Paine

Worship Leader

Years at Oasis: Around seven years.
Years In Ministry: About 11 years. Though I always grew up helping my dad with worship, it wasn't until halfway through high school that I became a worship leader for the first time.
Grew Up In: Thailand and China
Favorite Food:  Khao Soi, but authentic food from mostly anywhere will get me riled up.
Favorite Oasis Memory:  My first time there! I remember Pastor Bubba speaking passionately from the heart of God and my heart was moved to come to the front. I felt at home and loved by all around me, and wanted to keep coming back ever since. 
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:   The people in the church are truly open to hear from the Holy Spirit. I have honestly been amazed to see the Holy Spirit in action as tensions are dissipated and hearts are softened in discussion. They seek to understand and have open hearts to whatever God may be saying, leading to some truly amazing things happening. When you get out of the way of the Holy Spirit, THINGS HAPPEN!
On my day off you can find me: Visiting a comic book store or playing video games with friends. Mostly being geeky. 
A book or books I would recommend: The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini is really amazing, though I'm biased because I grew up on it.

Travis Meador

Technology Director

Years at Oasis:  1 1/2 years
Years In Ministry:   9 years
Grew Up In:  Roanoke, Virginia
Favorite Food:  Fried Chicken, Potatoes, Corn and Biscuits
Favorite Oasis Memory:  The  Discipleship Weekend for our Youth where we experienced many opening their hearts and asking incredible questions.
What I Love About Serving at Oasis:  The Family Atmosphere!  We strive to take a personal connection with everyone who walks through the doors of Oasis!
On my day off you can find me:  Love to spend time with to hunt and to watch random movies
A book or books I would recommend:   Jesus + Nothing = Everything by Tullian Tchividjiam and Evangelical Theology by Michael F. Bird